Shutters are an extremely versatile window covering, manufactured from a range of materials which provide both shading and privacy. They are supplied and fitted in a range of designs which are dependent on the shape and size of your window. How the openings operate is considered by the customers’ own requirements.
The design of the shutter is extremely important. It will be influenced by how the customer wishes to use the shutter. A well designed shutter will maximise the flow of light allowing as much flexibility as possible. Furniture positions and product limitations will also dictate the design of the shutter.

There are five designs of shutters available.

FULL HEIGHT. Designed to dress all of the openings.
TIER ON TIER. Two independent shutters one over the other.
CAFÉ STYLE. These are popular on sash windows to fill part of the opening.
TRACK SYSTEM. This design is typically used in large openings and top hung with a guide track at the bottom.
SHAPED. Most shapes can be covered including, Eyebrow, Arches, Portholes, Rakes and triangles.

Full range of colours available. Contact us to find the right colour for you.